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Rainbow-flavored ordinary.

Wallflower masquerading as a know-it-all.

11 September 1979
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about me:
31. Brunette. Small town girl in the big [well, medium] city. Wife & mom - not perfect but doing my best. I love watching the world through the eyes of my two little men. I'm honest. I forgive easily, but never really forget. Which is kind of funny, since I have a horrible memory. I use the TV as background noise, as I never like to be alone in my head for too long. I cry a lot...when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I just need to get an emotion OUT. I have tattoos, some I regret. Sometimes I miss my old life.
favorite things:
Cupcakes. Hugs. Being organized. Magazines. Nice people. Good movies. Autumn. Reality tv. Popular young adult novels [ie. Twilight]. The color blue. Diet Coke. Handbags. Little baby toes. Cherry chapstick. Birds. Thrift shopping. Daisies. Dancing. Photography. People watching. Big sunglasses. Vintage. All kinds of music. View-masters. Etsy. The smell of the ocean. Alone time. Road trips. Laughing. Creativity.
love is:
Baby giggles. Run-on sentences from the mouth of my toddler.

Raindrops on the window pane as we snuggle under the covers & listen to each other's breathing.

The first & last page of a really good book.

blue hued anything, creating lists of anything, crisp cold summer sheets, crying at random moments, dancing til exhausted, giving love in return, good hair day happiness, heart swelling music, house, lesson learning, my barefeet in grass, octopus hugs, perching birdies, perfectly timed summer breezes, plane rides to anywhere, pretty thing photography, pushing daisies, rainbow colors in life, reading inspiring words, reading on the flush, the office, veronica mars